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Tributes and Condolences

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  • Grandad was a special man.

    Jessica Stroh

    "I didn't get to spend much time with Mr. Kitchen but I did appreciate the holidays I had with him over the last four years. He was introspective and interesting. I enjoyed hearing his thoughts on life and the world and I especially enjoyed his wit and word play. You will be missed. Rest in peace. "

  • A great man

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    "When a great man dies, for years the light he leaves behind him, lies on the paths of men."

  • Dad was a great example

    Peter Kitchen

    "Dad was so much to so many of us. Many know him for his hill climbing skills in cycling or for the many watercolour landscapes that hang in our homes but I remember him for his strong steadfast manner in which he supported his family, friends and community. He was always able to traverse challenges or difficult situations thoughtfully and with humour. His manner, words and wisdom will continue to light my path for many years. "

  • He was an artist and a thinker

    Fiona Kitchen

    "Grandad didn't talk a lot so when he did it was worth listening to, whether he was being humorous or wise. He has been the biggest influence for my art and I hope his creative legacy can live through me. Grandad, I'll take good care of Gypsy."

  • My Grandad was a very quiet but kind person.

    Grady Kitchen

    "I have good memories of my Grandad. He would give me a kiss when I was little and it would tickle my cheek. It made me laugh. He was gentle and thoughtful and I wish I got to know him better. Grandad, rest in peace."