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  • 1926

    Lawrence Kitchen is born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. (June 29th, 1926)

  • 1944

    Lawrence Kitchen was conscripted shortly after turning eighteen to the British war effort. He was assigned via lottery to work in the mine industry at Prince of Wales Colliery at Pontefract, Yorkshire. These conscripts were known as "Bevin Boys" after the originator of the scheme, Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour and National Service. (July 15th, 1944)

  • 1952

    Lawrence marries Dorothy Narey in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. (August 9th, 1952)

  • 1963

    Lawrence's oldest daughter, Penelope Jane Victoria (Penny) was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. (January 24th, 1963)

  • 1964

    Lawrence, Dorothy, and Penny immigrate to Canada. (May 1st, 1964)

  • 1965

    Lawrence's second child, Peter Alexander was born. (September 25th, 1965)

  • 1968

    Lawrence's third child, Patricia Ann Maria was born. (July 8th, 1968)